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Concept development
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What every investor wants to know

What will the mountain-ski resort look like and what will distinguish it from competitors? Will the resort have a signature trademark?

Which target audience should be focused on? How can we avoid mistakes when deciding on slope configuration and throughput capacity?

How can we organize skier flow, the performance of lifts and snow-making systems? To what extent will the operating capacity of the restaurant and hotel-zone be taxed, and how many vehicles can the parking lot accommodate? What will the project budget be? How can we convey the idea to the designer so that he designs exactly whats needed?

Rosengineering will help find comprehensive answers

We believe that a carefully-crafted master plan, representing a clear concept of project implementation, helps arrive at answers to such questions. A mountain-ski resort concept should only be developed by professionals.

The cost of a master plan, which, as a rule, accounts for no more than 1%2% of total project investments, is a mere fraction of the cost of possible errors made during strategic planning and investment calculations as a result of the lack of front-end engineering design.

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