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Over the past five years, up to 10 new mountain-ski complexes have been constructed or reconstructed in Russia on an annual basis. Solving the main task of a mountain-ski center, i.e. designing a product that meets the needs of the target audience, can be achieved by developing a master plan.

A master plan consists of more than 14 sections, including a visual part, a calculation part and explanatory sections.
Performance of this kind of work takes up to 3 months.

Mountain-ski centers are currently viewed and constructed by investors as part of larger commercial projects. Project success is ensured by extending the range of services provided. A resort encompasses not only ski runs but also open-air athletic attractions requiring no specialized physical training.

Corporate task: accounting for the specificity of the territories and land plots where the facility is to be situated in order to determine work scope, volume and performance method. In planning the center, it is essential to expertly utilize the natural relief of the surrounding locale, so that grading & leveling works are as minimally-invasive as possible.

When compiling the master plan of a mountain-ski resort to be newly-constructed or reconstructed, Rosengineering Design specialists perform an array of engineering surveys, including:

Geodetic engineering surveys;
Geological engineering surveys;
Hydro-meteorological engineering surveys;
Environmental engineering surveys;
Geo-technical engineering surveys;
Archeological surveys.

A master plan developed by Rosengineering contains an analysis and description of the current situation at the facility (in case of reconstruction) or the key conclusions regarding the planned locale of the future facility. It contains the development concept for the slopes of the mountain-ski resort (elaborated in detail), in due consideration of recommendations on track down grade gradient selection, track comfort and profit ability-increase variants. Slope throughput capacity is calculated, with core equipment and lift type selected according to the queueing theory.

The master plan includes the architectural and town-planning solutions proposed for the facility (inclusive of those related to spatial planning).

Decisions are adopted with respect to snow-making systems, track illumination, track sound systems, ski-safety systems and avalanche control measures. The master plan includes the preparation of critical solutions for engineering systems: water supply, heat and cold supply, gas supply and power supply. The priority-ranking of facility construction and the technical and economic performance indicators of the resort are also determined.