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June, 1 2017
ROSENGINEERING started construction works of cable rope way in the North slope of Arkhyz ATRC

ROSENGINEERING started construction of the first section of the cable rope way NL1 in the North  slope of the resort  between the G1 and G2 landing stations.

At the moment, concrete works of the bottom station G1 are being held. The station will be located on the territory of the village Romantik on the left bank of the river Arkhyz at the height of 1651 m. The G2 landing station will be built on the opposite side of the river Arkhyz at the height of 1652 m. The length of this section is 255 m. Thus, the first section will connect two slopes of different sides of ravine and provide tourists access to the north-oriented segment of the resort.

As a reminder, within the contract with JSC NCR, ROSENGINEERING  builds 3 sections of the cable rope way. The total length is 3937 m. All 3 sections of the rope way are gondola and will deliver tourists to the height of 2505 m. 



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