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August, 1 2017
ROSENGINEERING installs 2 biathlon shooting ranges in Rybinsk

On July 31 following the results of electronic auction ROSENGINEERING signed a contract with the Construction Department of Rybinsk Administration for biathlon shooting ranges supply and installation.

According to the  Contract, the equipment will be delivered and mounted on the territory of the regional center for skiing and biathlon in the village of Demino, Yaroslavl region. The supply package includes 2 biathlon shooting ranges of Finnish manufacturer Kurvinen. It is a system of electromechanical targets with 30 installations and a Paralympic rifle system for visually impaired people and LW classes.

Comparing to the usual biathlon shooting range, Paralympic system includes Eko-Aims E-BSS rifles and headphones. Hearing enacts as a sight in this shooting. Both shooting ranges are equipped with Electronic system to collect and analyze the results of shooting and display the results on the stadium's video screen and commentator monitor.

Both shooting systems are officially approved by IBU and IPC (International Paralympic Committee) to hold international biathlon competitions.




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