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August, 28 2017
ROSENGINEERING builds factory for food industry ingredients production

ROSENGINEERING continues construction of the factory for production of ingredients for foodstuff industry on the territory of special economic zone Novoorlovskaya in Saint Petersburg.

The corresponding EPCM contract with RUSHLEB Issledovanoya was concluded in July 2016.   

The first stage of the project implementation provides the construction of a manufacturing building with production laboratory and staff rooms with an area of 3,700 square meters. The factory will be built in accordance with international quality standards and fitted with Russian and foreign technological equipment. The projected capacity of the factory will be more than 11 thousand tons per year. Project implementation is planned from 2017 till 2018.

After the factory starts being operated the Russian market will get a Manufacture able to cover high-quality food ingredient needs. Therefore the main activity of the enterprise will be contract manufacturing. The company also plans to develop its activities in the US, Europe and Asia. After started being operated the factory is planning to work under NST Foods trademark.    

RUSHLEB Issledovaniya is an innovative biotechnology company for the production of ingredients for the bakery, confectionery, flour, milk and meat industries.

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