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Psekhako -III Cableway   
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Psekhako -III Cableway

Start of works 02/01/2010

The territory of planned construction is situated on the crest of Psekhako Ridge, approximately 6.5-10.0 km to the northeast of Krasnaya Polyana and 2.0-6.0 km to the northwest of Esto-Sadok settlement in the Adler District of Sochi City, within the territory of Sochi National Park.

Projected cableway supports are situated on the southwest slope of Psekhako Ridge; the upper station is located in the water-divide part of Psekhako Ridge.

The bottom station of Alpika Service cableways is situated between the existing restaurants of Alpika Service Mountain Ski Resort, bus terminal and railway station, allowing for the accommodation of arriving guests in an area free of motor vehicles.


Cableway basic indicators:

— passenger capacity – up to 3,000 people per hour;

— cable cars (30-GD) with detachable clamps;

— on-slope length – 5,369.70 m;

— elevation difference 1,096.00 m.


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