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Psekhako -III Cableway   
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Overview   Design solutions

Pedestrians proceed along the square at the level of the exit from the railway station and, using wide external staircases and passages, arrive at the square level on the parking facility roof. This method makes it possible to divide passenger traffic flows and ensure the convenient arrival and accommodation of a great number of people.

It is planned to establish open terraces and a shopping arcade in the area. Part of the area has been allocated for a temporary stage for hosting concerts and entertainment events. The exit from the area to the lower level of cableway stations is planned at the spot where retail areas and utility rooms are situated. 

The cableway stations themselves are situated at the level of the Resort’s existing restaurants. The layout of the buildings creates a kind of a courtyard, where sports and cultural events can also be held. Open terraces overlook the picturesque vistas of the slopes. In summer, it is possible to install temporary swimming pools on the open terraces.

System suppliers: circular three-rope way – Doppelmayr, cableway-car supplier – CWA Company. These firms are Rosengineering Group partners, and have considerable experience working on projects in several regions of the Russian Federation.

Aside from 3S-type three-rope gondolas, Doppelmayr also develops projects involving gondolas, speed chair lifts, chair lifts with fixed clamps and tow lifts for the Olympic Games.

Special features of the 3S system:

3S (circular three-rope way) represents a combination of well-known systems which have outdone themselves in practice – gondola and pendulum systems;
3S structure is designed taking into account extreme operating conditions, thereby ensuring maximum reliability;
3S requires a relatively-small number of intermediate linear supports. In some places (depending on the relief), intermediate spans between supports can be up to kilometers long, which is very important when crossing rivers, roads, buildings and avalanche zones.

For reference only (3S system experience of Doppelmayr):

Saas Fee I CH 1991;
Saas Fee II CH 1994;
Val d´Isere F 2002;
Kitzbühel AUT 2004;
Whistler Blackcomb CA 2008;
Koblenz DE 2010;
Sölden AUT 2011.

Main function of the designed building complex: to provide guests with services, including rest, catering, medical services, equipment rentals and so on.

The bottom station of the cableway is a major transport hub for tourists and participants of the Olympic Games. It is planned that visitors will be able to access both Aibga Ridge and Psekhako Ridge slopes.


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