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Refuge 2 cableway station   
Is ready 20/09/2013

Overview   Architectural and layout solutions   Basic structures


Architectural and layout solution of the building is determined in accordance with the design assignment of "Mountain Tourist Center of OJSC Gazprom," including cableways and mountain ski slopes, facilities of engineering and transport infrastructure. "Pikhtovaya Polyana" (Refuge 2) cableway station.

The building boasts an elevated architectural, artistic and sports expression. Building composition is static, consisting of several volumetric parts covered by a single double-pitch peaked roof.


The building composition is focused on the café hall area, which has maximum glazing and entrances to the terrace featuring picturesque views of the natural landscape. Solutions regarding composition structure and building proportion are rendered in unique motifs of modern architecture.

The Refuge building has plan dimensions of 43.5590.0 m.

Height of the building at the ridge: 9.89 m; the building has 2 storeys, with floor heights of 4.5 and 3.8-8.6 m.

In accordance with volumetric and spatial solutions, the building of the Refuge is joined together with a snowcat garage, a gondola collection point, the Lift 2 cableway station and the watch room. There are entrances to the main hall from two sides of the designed building, and fire-fighting transport is provided with access to the building.  

Goods delivery and loading is carried out with the help of a cargo lift with a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg. There are two L1 and L2 stairways to ensure safe evacuation from the Refuge building; there is also an additional staircase in the technological part of the building to ensure safe evacuation and connection between the floors. Specific measures are foreseen in the project to ensure a comfortable environment for people with reduced mobility. It is planned to equip the main entrance with a ramp with a pitch of 1:12, it is also planned to establish WC units for people with reduced mobility.


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