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Landslide protection
Security is one of the most important thing in design and construction of any project. One aspect of a high level of security - prevention of geological hazards such as landslides and rockfalls, as well as avalanche protection.

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ROSENGINEERING is prepared to offer a full range of services for the engineering protection of terrain, from terrain surveys to construction and installation work.

In hilly and mountainous locations, it is difficult to control geohazards. Rockfalls, landslides, mudslides or avalanches are sporadic and unpredictable phenomena. It is frequently not possible to guarantee the security of people and structures using scientific methods. Reconnaissance surveying of the territory is required to identify all geohazards, followed by continuous monitoring, careful calculation of the required parameters and the necessary engineering calculations, with the subsequent professional installation of protective structures. An integrated approach to resolving the task will be most effective and reduce loss of life and material damage to a minimum.

Solutions to prevent geohazards can be both permanent and large-scale (retaining walls, mudslide diversion structures, galleries) which involve a long production time, large capital expenditure and changes to the relief of the slope, or on the other hand less expensive and time-consuming (mudslide barriers, anchoring, dowels), which are often a more effective means of protection.

Works provided:

Pre-design and design work:

Surveying of locality. Preparation of technical solutions and recommendations for options and methods of engineering protection.
Preparation of concepts and feasibility studies for the construction of engineering protection.
engineering protection complex, justifying investment.
draft set of territorial and local engineering protection structures.
at the Working Document stage, draft elements of engineering protection.
Preparation of project documents.
Preparation of working documents.

Construction and installation work

Concrete work.
Installation of metal constructions.
High-altitude work, performed by rope access.
Helicopter installation.
Earthworks and gabion installation.
Drilling work for the installation of micro-piles, anchors, dowels.
Landscaping and gardening work.

Engineering protection structure:

Landslide protection Erosion protection Rockfall protection Avalanche protection Mudslide protection
Organization of surface water runoff, preventing water infiltration of soil;

Changing relief of

Artificial lowering of underground water

Soil reinforcement;

Retention structures;
Anti-erosion net, composite material;


Retention structures;

Agro-forestry reclamation;
Collection structures;

Diversion structures;

Retention structures;
Prevention work;

Engineering and technical work:
Avalanche prevention;
Avalanche protection;
Agro-reclamation activities;

Hydraulic (engineering) activities:
Mudslide control;
Mudslide retention;

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