Rosengineering (photos) 

   Concept development2 reports 8 photos
   Design12 reports 90 photos
   Construction9 reports 76 photos
   Engineering protection9 reports 76 photos
   Procurement4 reports 62 photos
   Operation2 reports 38 photos

Construction (9 reports, 76 photos)

Concrete operations
15 photos
Construction headquarters
5 photos
Construction of roads
8 photos
Earth operations
12 photos
Engineering operations
9 photos
Finishing works
12 photos
Roofing operations
10 photos
Sites zoning
3 photos
2 photos

“Rosengineering” Company offers a range of services in this direction: construction of all types of roofing (metal tile, asphalt roofing, ceramic tile, composite tile, roofing profile, rolled heat fusing membrane roofing, standing seam roofing, slate roofing, wood tile), mounting of frame of roof system and all possible elements of any material, mounting of accessories and security systems (drainage systems, heating systems, etc.).