Rosengineering (photos) 

   Concept development2 reports 8 photos
   Design12 reports 90 photos
   Construction9 reports 76 photos
   Engineering protection9 reports 76 photos
   Procurement4 reports 62 photos
   Operation2 reports 38 photos

Design (12 reports, 90 photos)

Architecture department
9 photos
Department of technical documents circulation
10 photos
5 photos
Design of engineering protection
8 photos
Design of engineering systems
8 photos
Design of roads, bridges and tunnels
12 photos
Designer’s supervision
3 photos
Engineering solutions
4 photos
Engineering surveys
13 photos
General layout
5 photos
Special sections engineering
7 photos
6 photos

Employees of engineering protection department develop events on engineering protection of the territories, buildings and facilities from hazardous geology processes (landslides, avalanches, earth flow and snow slides) and their combinations, with regard to other hazardous processes, such as seismic activities and properties of soils, that is of no small importance during engineering of objects of mountain cluster.