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Eduard Lazarenko
Operating activity of a ski resort can face a huge number of potential risks. Even such a minor failure as a broken mounting bolt of a snowgroomer can happen in the heat of the season. We guarantee prompt delivery of any equipment, regardless its size and cost.

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Rosengineering carries out supplies of equipment, technologies and systems for any facilities.

Company specialists stand ready to consult customers on leading suppliers product ranges and selecting an optimal equipment configuration to suit specific tasks. The list of supplied equipment includes not only specialized systems and machinery for mountain-ski resorts (snow-making systems, cable ways, snow-compacting machinery, engineering protection, avalanche-control systems, control and access systems, etc.) but also special machinery, and materials and technologies for civil construction as well as the construction of industrial facilities.

Close relations with Russian and foreign suppliers enable the prompt placement of orders and delivery of required equipmentwithin tight timeframes. Provided within the framework of supply projects is the warranty and post-warranty servicing arranged by the service for the diagnostics and repair of mountain-ski resort specialized equipment.

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