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Project management
Successful implementation of major projects is predicated on an efficient management system.

State-of-the-art methods of construction-project management and application of the best domestic and foreign practices enables us to guarantee our clients a comprehensive approach and the successful implementation of projects;
We have developed and are currently adopting a proprietary methodology for the management of construction projects at all stages of the investment process;
Our methodology relies on PMI standards and utilizes the approach to construction-project implementation;

is the integrated management of engineering and management, supplies, construction and commissioning Design → Procurement → Construction → Management efficient management

Scope of works we perform within the framework of

management of inventory supplies:contracting, purchasing, cargo escorting, logistics, acceptance;
construction management:construction-site work organization, oversight of work performance, occupational safety control, environmental status control;
preparation for launch and commissioning;
concept development and provisional engineering elaborations;
detailed engineering and working design based on the technology utilized and the customers requirements;
management and control:work schedules, expenditure control, work cost calculation, forecasting, reporting, risk minimization.