All projects of the Rosengineering

Respect for our employees’ personal rights and interests, client requirements, the interaction conditions specified by business partners and society at large.

Fairness involving labor remuneration according to achieved results and equal opportunities for professional growth.

Efficiency: we make reasonable use of our resources and try to follow lean practices in all of ouroperational areas.

Flexibility: we constantly search for new business-development opportunities and strive to increase labor productivity.

Care, as expressed in our striving to safeguard people against any harm as may be caused to their life and health and our endeavors to protect the environment.

Faith in our employees, allowing forthe delegation of authorities and responsibilities related to decision-making and implementation.

Ambition: we are intent upon becoming leaders in our sphere operations. We support our employees’ and partners’ ambitions.

Company’s policy
Quality warranties

We assume obligations and
always discharge them

The main objective of “Rosengineering,” CJSC is to be the first-choice supplier of services involved in the design, construction, procurement, commissioning, and further maintenance of mountain-ski complexes across Russia by exceeding customers’ expectations and fulfilling their requirements.

We strive to achieve this objective, taking into account the needs and expectations of allstakeholders, inclusive of our personnel, society and the state.

The management of “Rosengineering,” CJSC assumes the obligation to follow this policy and provide for measures as may be required for policy implementation by all its workers.

We are concerned about:

improvement of all personnel labor conditions;development of the full-range of services related to the “turnkey” construction of mountain-ski complexes;development of a mountain-ski complex concept within the master plan framework, design and supply of equipment and construction of snow-making systems, mountain-ski lifts, access control and payment systems, illumination and public-address systems,sports-equipment hire outlets, supplies of snow-compacting machinery and warranty and service maintenance of the latter;
development of activities related to the comprehensive maintenance of completed facilities both during the warranty period and following its expiry;
conformity with legislative requirements governing environmental protection;
environmental-riskassessment to identify and implement measures as may be required;
engaging reliable subcontractors and demanding from them conformity with all established quality and environmental requirements;
satisfying consumers’ needs and exceeding their expectations;
usage of certified (environmentally-friendly) high-quality materials of local and imported origin;
upkeep of exemplary orderliness and tidiness following the execution of works;
shaping an environmentally-conscious culture among all in-house and subcontractor personnel;
fostering a sense of personal responsibility for the quality of services provided among personnel.