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Simultaneously with the establishment of “ROSENGINEERING,” CJSC in 1993, the founders opened the “Okhta-Park” Children’s Mountain-Ski Sports School.
For 19 years, fruitful work has been in progress at the “Okhta-Park” resort school aimed at the identification ofgifted athletes, their upbringing and instruction in alpine skiing skills. The trainers engaged by the school are top-tier professionals representing the Saint Petersburg (formerly – Leningrad) school of alpine-ski training. They are all qualified as masters of sport, have extensivealpine-skiing experience and an educational background in teaching. The school is currently attended by 150 children (aged 4-16 years).

Among the school’s graduates are:
9 Russian masters of sport
20 candidate masters of sport
80 students qualified per adult Categories I, II and III

The school’s students participate in municipal, Russian national and international alpine-skiing competitions, where they have claimed victory or becomeprize winners in both individual and team disciplines. Particularly noteworthy are the following achievements bythe school’s students:

repeated victories in the Russian national championships since 1999;
victories at international competitions – Stenmark Prize (Sweden), Interkriterium, Pinocchio European Trophy (Italy);
repeated victories as Russian team champions.On six separate occasions, our team has qualified best among Russian children’s mountain-ski schools at “Olympic Hopes of Russia” competitions.