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Respect for our employees’ personal rights and interests, client requirements, the interaction conditions specified by business partners and society at large.

Fairness involving labor remuneration according to achieved results and equal opportunities for professional growth.

Efficiency: we make reasonable use of our resources and try to follow lean practices in all of ouroperational areas.

Flexibility: we constantly search for new business-development opportunities and strive to increase labor productivity.

Care, as expressed in our striving to safeguard people against any harm as may be caused to their life and health and our endeavors to protect the environment.

Faith in our employees, allowing forthe delegation of authorities and responsibilities related to decision-making and implementation.

Ambition: we are intent upon becoming leaders in our sphere operations. We support our employees’ and partners’ ambitions.

Company’s policy
Quality warranties

Rosengineering participates in charitable activities. Since 2007, our company has provided targeted support to the leading alpine skiers and mountain-ski schools of Russia.The first steps were taken in regions far removed from the central part of the country: in Siberia, the Urals and Kamchatka. Our organization participated in the provision of mountain-skiing equipment for the best sportsmen of regional sport schools, as well as in the presentation of awards to the best athletes following the outcome of the 2008 season.
The Company sponsors different sporting events, both related to mountain-skiing (“Governor’s Cup” Russian Mountain-Skiing Cup) and otherwise (“Vyborg Mixed” Russian National Dry-Tooling Competitions).

Rosengineering is also the General Sponsor of the Russian national alpine-skiing team.