All projects of the Rosengineering

Respect for our employees’ personal rights and interests, client requirements, the interaction conditions specified by business partners and society at large.

Fairness involving labor remuneration according to achieved results and equal opportunities for professional growth.

Efficiency: we make reasonable use of our resources and try to follow lean practices in all of ouroperational areas.

Flexibility: we constantly search for new business-development opportunities and strive to increase labor productivity.

Care, as expressed in our striving to safeguard people against any harm as may be caused to their life and health and our endeavors to protect the environment.

Faith in our employees, allowing forthe delegation of authorities and responsibilities related to decision-making and implementation.

Ambition: we are intent upon becoming leaders in our sphere operations. We support our employees’ and partners’ ambitions.

Company’s policy
Quality warranties

“Rosengineering,” CJSC carries out its activities in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System in effect at the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “QMS”).

For the purposes of organizing internal reviews, auditors from among the Company’s specialists are engaged. The results of internal reviews serve as input data for analysis on the part of management and enable the company to declare conformity with ISO 9000. Conformity with ISO 9000 is confirmed by Conformity Certificate No ÐÎÑÑ RU.0024.Ê0031.

All departments, units and production subdivisions participate in quality management, with management functions divided between them in accordance with the Company’s responsibility matrix. Each Company employee is notified of the relevance and importance of his/her activities and contribution to the achievement of Company objectives, planned performance indices and implementation of quality-assurance, environmental-protection and labor-protection measures, inclusive of actual and potential consequences for labor safety and the environment and the possible consequences of failure to comply with technological instructions and work procedures.

Each Company employee is involved in work aimed at quality assurance and QMS upkeep and refinement. Created within the Company is a Unit for Quality, Labor Protection and Environmental Protection as part of the Design Control Department, whose unit exercises the following functions:

review and formation of executive documentation sets at all stages of facility construction;
planning, organization and arrangement of inspection reviews and comprehensive reviews of construction and installation-work quality;
collection and analysis of data on review results;
control of inconsistency elimination within the framework of inspection reviews and comprehensive reviews of construction and installation-work quality.