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Roman Kartsev
Our main competitive advantage - the speed of service. We are actively developing the infrastructure of our service centers, creating attractive conditions of service for the customers.

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The service for the diagnostic testing and repair of the specialized equipment found at mountain-ski resorts (cable ways, snow-making systems, snow-compacting machinery), combined with properly-equipped service centers (in the northwestern and southern regions of Russia and the Urals) has allowed for the annual instruction and training of new specialists.

The accident-free operation of the specialized equipment found at mountain-ski resorts forms the basis for quality slope preparation and represents the key to stable functioning of the complex. The main tasks of the service are ensuring the constant operability of the equipment, including the diagnostic testing and elimination of break downs within the tightest-possible time frame. The most reliable way of solving this task is organizing the regional service center and spare part storage facilities at locations with a maximum density of mountain-ski centers.

This makes it possible to arrive at the scene of the incident within a few hours to conduct the swift diagnostic testing and repair of malfunctioning machinery.

In December 2011, specialists took a two-week training course focusing on the maintenance and servicing of snow-compacting machinery at the "Rosa Khutor" mountain-ski complex (Krasnaya Polyana). Training was provided by Prinoth technical specialist Willy Fuchs. The training session consisted of two sections: one for operators (machinery operation, peculiarities and nuances) and one for service specialists (repair and maintenance). The training had a practical orientation and involved the usage of Bison and Bison X machines, as well as the most powerful machine in the product line the Prinoth Beast (equipped with a wench, per standard specifications).